About Us

Since Graypen was first established in 1969, there have been four decades of incredible progress. During this period we have built a strong reputation for high-quality services and established close relationships with our customers.

Our success and inspiration during this period has enabled us to innovate cutting-edge processes and reporting technology in all the right areas, while staying true to our original ethos of hard-work and dedication. At the heart of Graypen is our ability to think differently and always challenge convention to ensure that a healthy balance between tradition and evolution is always maintained. This relentless determination in our adventure has seen us grow steadily across various sectors to where we are today – a progressive leader in each of the fields in which we are active. We offer a range of technologically-advanced, high-quality services which means we genuinely ‘connect’ with a global client-list and our progressive style means we are the world’s most imitated ship agency service provider. Although we are successful, we continue to set challenging goals for ourselves to ensure we see where we can improve and how to do so.

Our approach means that we look at the world from new and exciting angles but retain our traditional values, playing an integral role in global business. We provide our clients with what they want from a ship’s agent, and in ways they would not expect. Our ‘can-do’ innovative philosophy and how we work seamlessly across various regions is testimony to this. Graypen’s services are good and although clients enjoy the support we provide to them, we recognize it is critical for us to remain always flexible and adaptable in a changing world; customers like what we do and how we do it. We remove doubt and ensure confidence, providing continuous updated information which enable principals to focus their own time and assets in more productive areas. Maintaining high-quality products and services is always a challenge, especially in the recent difficult years for shipping, but Graypen offers a successful balance of quality, flexibility and efficiency.