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Within Graypen we believe that providing Hub Agency services is not about imparting a single method or 'brand' upon a local port agent. We prefer that the emphasis should remain on ensuring that high-quality professional independent local agents are empowered to do what they do best - to deliver their local expertise and knowledge based on years of experience providing an established, flexible and professional 'local' service.

Our view of Hub Agency is about providing a structured central core to a process, ensuring a meeting of minds between global customers and local parties, all working to ensure targets are identified and achieved - it's essentially the "project managing" of port calls on a continuous basis to achieve optimum output. We open a door so that our global customers can access local knowledge whilst providing them also with a central point of familiar contact and data capture.

The Graypen Hub Agency Team works hard to ensure high standards of professionalism, whilst maintaining the integrity of the port agency service that is delivered. Graypen wants our customers to achieve success, because when our customers reach their targets then we have reached ours!