(Grangemouth 05.06.15)

"..very good cooperation and feedback. Always in touch with the vessel provided all required information."

(Campbeltown and Glasgow 21.12.15)

"Just wanted to drop a short line to say that we were very impressed by the quality of service you gave us this weekend and great to see your attendance in two very complicated port calls. You were always on hand in case we needed you."

(Tees 07.09.15)

"...Further many thanks for the excellent services provided and cooperation during vessel's visit to the port & timely arrangement of charts. Hope to see you on board next time for a meal if possible.

(Immingham 19.03.2015)

"...thank you very much for justifying our implicit trust in you! It's greatly reassuring working with a team of people who take their responsibilities so diligently; it's delightful, when they also work with a smile and a cheer!.." 

(Immingham 19.03.15)

Grateful thanks to you for taking care of our vessel and for ensuring all passed off smoothly; truly appreciated by all...Also 'Excellent' for Agents as stated on Master's port activity report.

(Thames 03.08.15)

hanks very much for yours prompt and swift service and assistance..."


"...Your assistance and excellent service has been much appreciated. Thanks and Regards..."

(Pembroke 22.01.15)

"Master's Evaluation Form sent - All Excellent!"

(Mersey 29.10.15)

"...All statement below was noted with thanks, Also would like to thanks to your good office for excellent service, hope to work with you guys again."

(Hull 30.10.15)

" Thanks very much.. for all you excellent communications. In all the Graypen offices I deal with; It would appear to me that yours is the more efficient at communications (no wish to offend the others) but your are on time , and to the point & is  very much appreciated..."