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A European Advanced Cargo Declaration, also know as ENS (Imports) and EXS (exports), is required when a ship is either arriving into the EU community from a foreign port, or departing to a foreign port from within the EU. This is a mandatory reporting requirement for all owners/operators who must ensure the declaration is completed within strict time limits prior to arrival or departure. We can take care of these formalities for you and have connections to all EU customs authorities through a reliable, secure online system. So, whether you need assistance on a single voyage or are looking for someone to take care of all your EU-ACD formalities on a fleet wide basis we are ready to help!
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We boast full coverage of all major Tanker Ports and Terminals in the UK and ARA regions via our network of more than 20 office locations. We’re strategically positioned to ensure that we can provide the same efficient and professional service that our customers have enjoyed for over 50 years.

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