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Ship to Ship (STS) Transfers

Graypen is very experienced in handling Ship to Ship transfers and in addition to our tanker port agency services can assist you with the local regulations, the arrangement of fenders, or launch transfer of personnel as required. All our ships agents take mandatory offshore working training to always ensure safety and we use the latest technology so that we can keep you up to date, whether the STS is taking place alongside in port or at an approved offshore STS location - we are always ready to help! Southwold, Scapa Flow, Skaw, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Gibraltar, Malta, Other Approved Locations by Arrangement
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Our Coverage

We boast full coverage of all major Tanker Ports and Terminals in the UK and ARA regions via our network of more than 20 office locations. We’re strategically positioned to ensure that we can provide the same efficient and professional service that our customers have enjoyed for over 50 years.

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