Welcome to Graypen

Since Graypen was first established in 1969, there have been four decades of incredible progress. During this period we have built a strong reputation for high-quality services and established close relationships with our customers.

Our success and inspiration during this period has enabled us to innovate cutting-edge processes and reporting technology in all the right areas, while staying true to our original ethos of hard-work and dedication.

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  • Port Agency

    Graypen is an industry leader. We believe that we outperform other tanker agency companies in every area...

  • Hub Agency

    At Graypen we believe that Hub Agency is not about imparting a single method or brand upon a local port agent.

  • STS Transfers

    The Graypen STS Team are located at the Head Office in Immingham and have been delivering high quality STS attendance since 2001.

  • LNG Operations

    Since its inception in 2005, this dynamic team has built a strong and successful client-base, continually...

  • Husbandry

    In response to the increasing demands of our customers for improved operational efficiencies and financial savings...

  • Customs

    To ensure that Graypen remains at the forefront of customs clearance capability for our clients, we have made considerable...

  • EU-ACD

    Similar to the AMS (Automated Manifest System) operating for calls to the United States, the EU-ACD regime makes it mandatory...

  • 24 Hour Support Team

    Graypen's fully manned 24/7 support team. Meeting today's live exchange of information...