STS Transfers

Contact Details
  • Southwold
  • Scapa Flow
  • Skaw
  • Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • Gibraltar
  • Malta
  • Other Approved Locations By Arrangement

The Graypen STS Team has been delivering high quality Ship-To-Ship attendance since it was formed in 2001 when Graypen recognised the specialist nature of these operations. Fifteen years on and the STS Team offers an ever more comprehensive service across this demanding sector with fully experienced and trained operational staff co-ordinating a group of ship agents who board all vessels in their care.

Graypen's philosophy to invest in education and training of staff to perform specialist dedicated functions is highlighted. All key personnel are provided with the latest satellite communication equipment in order to ensure continuous contact is maintained, even when operations are carried out at distant off-shore locations.

As with all Graypen operations, close attention to detail has seen our STS Team receive considerable continued support from many of the major global oil companies and oil trading companies whose activities involve them in this vital sector of the industry.